Bipolar Episode Warning Signs
Andrew Marc Feliciano
Andrew Marc Feliciano
September 18, 2018
Becoming aware of bipolar episode warning signs allows you to seek treatment early, reduce the length of the episode and prevent future relapses.

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Summer Activities for Bipolar

Four Summer Activities for People With Bipolar Disorder

The sun is shining, the days are longer, and the weather is beautiful! Here are four summer activities for bipolar to get you in the summer mood.
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Yoga for Mental Health

How Yoga Can Help With Bipolar Disorder

Yoga is a well-known form of exercise, but could it also help people with bipolar disorder? Sharon discusses yoga for bipolar management.
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Bipolar and Exercise Addiction

Bipolar and Exercise Addiction: When Exercise Becomes Dangerous

For some people with bipolar, exercising can turn into an obsession. But why? Learn the link between bipolar and exercise addiction.
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Traveling With Bipolar

5 Things to Consider When Bipolar Is Your Travel Companion

Whether you are flying, road-tripping, or taking a business trip, here are five important things to consider when traveling with bipolar disorder.
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Spring Activities for Bipolar

How to Enjoy the Spring Weather With Bipolar Disorder

The flowers are blooming, and the trees are coming back to life. It’s spring! Here are five spring activities for bipolar to get you in the spring mood.
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Planning a Vacation With Bipolar

6 Travel Planning Tips for the Perfect Vacation With Bipolar

Have you ever gone on vacation with bipolar disorder? Kiki shares her tips with how to cope on holiday and have a successful trip.
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Decision Making and Bipolar Disorder

Tips for Making Big Decisions With Bipolar

Although all aspects of life are affected by bipolar disorder, making decisions is affected – and the various stages can impact the decision making as well.
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Sugar and Bipolar

How Does Sugar Affect Bipolar Disorder?

Sugar and bipolar don't mix. Sugar can make symptoms worse by lower blood-sugar levels. Replace high-sugar items with these simple nutrition changes.
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Bipolar Diet

What Are the Best and Worst Foods for Bipolar?

Changing your diet for bipolar can help level moods and reduce stress, as well as improve the effectiveness of your medication.
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Video Sleeping Tips For Bipolar

Sleeping Tips for Bipolar Patients

Having troubles falling asleep with bipolar? Sammi shares some sleeping tips and advice to help you get the sleep you need every night.
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