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Kiki is an American artist, writer, and bipolar superhero living in the Netherlands with her partner, their two kids, and a very disagreeable cat.

She loves knitting, post-apocalyptic shooter games, and Hayao Miyazaki films.

Kiki's Work

Tips for Making the Holidays With Bipolar Run Smoothly

Tips for Making the Holidays With Bipolar Run Smoothly

"In the holiday spirit of giving, here are a few tips for (hopefully) making your holidays with bipolar run a little more smoothly," writes Kiki.
by Kiki Woodham on December 11, 2018
Planning a Vacation With Bipolar

6 Travel Planning Tips for the Perfect Vacation With Bipolar

Have you ever gone on vacation with bipolar disorder? Kiki shares her tips with how to cope on holiday and have a successful trip.
by Kiki Woodham on April 3, 2018
Everyday Activism

How You Can Participate in Everyday Activism

Activism doesn’t have to be huge and dramatic. Everyday activism often consists of quiet gestures that make a difference in a small — yet meaningful — way.
by Kiki Woodham on March 28, 2016
How to Sleep Better With Bipolar

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep With Bipolar

We’ve all heard it before: sleep is one of the most important components to staying healthy and stable. How can we learn how to sleep better with bipolar?
by Kiki Woodham on February 23, 2016
Bipolar and Grief

Dealing With Loss While Managing Bipolar

Losing a loved one is deeply personal; no two people grieve the same way. But does bipolar disorder inherently change the way we experience loss?
by Kiki Woodham on November 11, 2015
Journaling for Bipolar

How Keeping a Journal Can Be Helpful for Bipolar Management

Keeping a regular journal is an incredible tool that can help you to spot signs of mania or depression. Kiki shares her experience with journaling.
by Kiki Woodham on September 16, 2015
Lesser-Known Symptoms of Bipolar

The Bipolar Symptoms You Might Not Realize Are Symptoms

Aside from defining traits of the disorder, there are many lesser-known symptoms of bipolar — some of which might seem to be completely unrelated.
by Kiki Woodham on September 1, 2015
Blame, Guilt and Bipolar

Combatting Guilty Feelings About Your Bipolar Disorder

Blame, Guilt and Bipolar - we've all felt it at some point. Everyone diagnosed with bipolar disorder has no doubt felt the same thing. Here's how to cope.
by Kiki Woodham on July 29, 2015
Being Diagnosed With Bipolar

Knowing What’s Ahead After Receiving a Bipolar Diagnosis

Many of us have experienced it, and some have yet to; the fear, anticipation, and pain that go hand in hand with being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
by Kiki Woodham on June 23, 2015
Helpful Resources for People with Bipolar Disorder

Helpful Resources for People with Bipolar Disorder

While there are countless resources out there for people with bipolar disorder and their loved ones, I’ve compiled some of the best here just for you.
by Kiki Woodham on May 27, 2015