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Drew Feliciano is an independent journalist/freelance writer who is completing his bachelor’s degree in political science.

Throughout his life he has dealt with bipolar disorder and ADHD. Diagnosed at age fifteen, Drew has had plenty of time to learn how to cope with the struggles that come with bipolar disorder and ADHD. He has been stable for almost seven years, and he hopes to help other people who have similar issues reach that milestone.

Drew has co-hosted a political podcast, ghostwritten for a tech company, and he’s currently the editor-in-chief of his college paper, The John Jay Sentinel.

After he completes his degree, Drew would like to move forward with his career as a journalist, and freelance writer. While he mainly focuses on the political side of journalism, he also has a strong passion for reporting on developments in the tech industry.

Drew currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his cockatiel, Kairi.

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Can Hypersexuality Be Related to Bipolar Disorder?

Is hypersexuality a symptom of bipolar? For many with bipolar disorder, they find their sexuality and sexual activity increases during a manic episode.
by Andrew Marc Feliciano on October 30, 2018
Talking About Bipolar Disorder

How to Talk About Bipolar Disorder With Loved Ones

Thinking of talking about bipolar disorder with your family? Here are some ways to talk to your family so they can better understand your bipolar disorder.
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Bipolar Episode Warning Signs

What Are the Warning Signs of a Bipolar Episode?

Becoming aware of bipolar episode warning signs allows you to seek treatment early, reduce the length of the episode and prevent future relapses.
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Understanding Bipolar

The Importance of Understanding What Bipolar Is

Understanding bipolar begins with answering questions like what is bipolar? How do you explain bipolar to others? How can you understand it better?
by Andrew Marc Feliciano and Eric Patterson on August 28, 2018
Pet Therapy for Bipolar

The Benefits of Animal Companionship and Bipolar Disorder

Pet therapy for bipolar can help you overcome mood swings, beat the isolation of depression, and gives you an obligation to something other than yourself.
by Angela Finlay and Andrew Marc Feliciano on July 4, 2018
Spring Activities for Bipolar

How to Enjoy the Spring Weather With Bipolar Disorder

The flowers are blooming, and the trees are coming back to life. It’s spring! Here are five spring activities for bipolar to get you in the spring mood.
by Andrew Marc Feliciano on May 8, 2018
what does it mean to be bipolar

3 Important Lessons Bipolar Can Teach You About Yourself

What does it mean to be bipolar? 'Bipolar has taught me resiliency, ambitiousness, and self-love.' Andrew describes what it means to be bipolar.
by Andrew Marc Feliciano on May 2, 2018