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Krysti is a 30-something wife to Brad, and mother to Logan. She also happens to suffer from anxiety and has had migraines since she was 12 years old. In August of 2017, she also had a meningioma (a benign brain tumor) removed.

She writes for the NewLifeOutlook|Bipolar, as well as a variety of other NewLifeOutlook communities. She is an RN with over ten years of nursing experience, which has enabled her to help many people with a variety of chronic conditions in her career. Her nursing experience has spanned from floor nursing on a telemetry unit, working with heart patients, to working in an allergy/immunotherapy clinic, to working in a diabetes education office. She enjoys helping people living healthier, more fulfilling lives, while also learning from her patients.

In addition to her work, she enjoys reading, yoga (she is a yoga instructor and believes it can help with chronic pain!), traveling, cooking and baking, and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

In addition to her freelance writing and nursing career, she enjoys writing for pleasure. Her son has food allergies, and she enjoys blogging about her family's journey.

Krystina's Work

Bipolar and Exercise Addiction

Bipolar and Exercise Addiction: When Exercise Becomes Dangerous

For some people with bipolar, exercising can turn into an obsession. But why? Learn the link between bipolar and exercise addiction.
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marijuana and bipolar

Can Marijuana Help or Worsen Bipolar Symptoms?

Does cannabis help or hinder people with bipolar disorder? Research regarding marijuana and bipolar disorder has some surprising results.
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Decision Making and Bipolar Disorder

Tips for Making Big Decisions With Bipolar

Although all aspects of life are affected by bipolar disorder, making decisions is affected – and the various stages can impact the decision making as well.
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Bipolar Impulsivity

3 Ways to Help You Control Bipolar Impulsivity

Bipolar impulsivity can include overspending, risky decisions, and unaccountability. Here are three impulse control strategies for people with bipolar.
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Bipolar 1 Versus Bipolar 2

Bipolar 1 Versus Bipolar 2: What’s the Difference?

A diagnosis of bipolar disorder can be further broken down various types, such as bipolar 1 versus bipolar 2. Learn the difference here.
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Natural Treatment for Bipolar

Is There a Natural Way to Manage Bipolar Disorder?

If you’re seeking a natural treatment for bipolar disorder, we’ve got some information that may be helpful and worth looking into.
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Bipolar Cognitive Problems

Can Bipolar Disorder Cause Cognitive Problems?

Cognitive problems may be less severe in bipolar disorder than other mental illnesses like schizophrenia but it has far-reaching effects on the psyche.
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Bipolar Disorder in Children

How Do You Handle Bipolar Disorder in Children?

While bipolar disorder in children is a challenging condition, it can be managed. Education and support will help you work towards a treatment plan.
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