Bipolar Symptoms
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson
July 9, 2018
The symptoms of bipolar depend on the type of bipolar disorder a person has. Here are some bipolar symptoms to be aware of in yourself or a loved one.

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Meditation for Bipolar

Can Meditation Help People With Bipolar?

Meditation can help regulate the mood, improve sleep quality and more. Here's everything you need to know about meditation for bipolar disorder.
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Bipolar and Emotions

Bipolar and Emotions: 5 Tips for Navigating The Ups and Downs

We all know how unpredictable and random bipolar disorder can be, and Bethany shares her top five tips for managing bipolar and emotions.
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Bipolar Impulsivity

3 Ways to Help You Control Bipolar Impulsivity

Bipolar impulsivity can include overspending, risky decisions, and unaccountability. Here are three impulse control strategies for people with bipolar.
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How to Address Negative Thinking

Negative thinking and be seriously damaging and it can impact one's quality of life and self-esteem. Sammi shares ways how to address negative thinking. 
by Sammi Adams on March 5, 2018
Negative Self-Talk

How to Quiet Negative Self-Talk and Silence Your Inner Critic

For many people living with bipolar, negative self-talk can cause serious damage self-esteem and everyday living. Here's how to silence these thoughts.
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Video Bipolar Self-Care Tips for the Fall and Winter video

Three Bipolar Self-Care Tips for the Winter

Sammi shares her favorite self-care tips for the fall and winter months from taking care of yourself, keeping warm to eating healthy and more.
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Bipolar and Money

Bipolar and Money: A Complicated Relationship

Overspending is a common problem for people with bipolar and can cause financial problems. Charlie provides some tips on bipolar and money management.
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Video how to be productive in depression video

How to Be Productive in Depression

Lizzie shares with you her own tips on how to find motivation and be productive when you're in a depressive episode. 
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Video Bipolar Mood Tracking video

Bipolar Mood Tracking: How to Track Your Mood

Lizzie discusses the importance of tracking your mood if you have bipolar disorder and how to start a mood journal to help predict your mood episodes.
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Coping With Bipolar Disorder

4 Self-Help Tips for Coping With Bipolar Disorder

When it comes to coping with bipolar disorder, it's important to develop coping strategies for use in everyday life with medication, therapy, and more.
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