Bipolar and Genetic Testing
Bethany Heinesh
Bethany Heinesh
October 9, 2018
Genetic testing is becoming popular to help identify risk factors of various chronic conditions, like bipolar. Learn more about bipolar and genetic testing.

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emotional eating and bipolar disorder

Emotions, Food and Bipolar Disorder: Is There a Connection?

Is there a clear line connecting binge eating, impulsive eating, or emotional eating and bipolar disorder? Studies suggest there may be a connection.
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Bipolar Cognitive Problems

Can Bipolar Disorder Cause Cognitive Problems?

Cognitive problems may be less severe in bipolar disorder than other mental illnesses like schizophrenia but it has far-reaching effects on the psyche.
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Bipolar Delusions

What Are Bipolar Delusions and Who Experiences Them?

Most bipolar delusions are grandiose, involving feelings of power, wealth, attractiveness, luck or insight. They can be very risky and lead to recklessness.
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Bipolar Medication Side Effects

Dealing With Bipolar Medication Side Effects

"In the last two months I have had three of my medications altered and it has tested me to the hilt," writes Fliss on bipolar medication side effects.
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Bipolar Relapse Prevention

The Importance of Preventing Crises Before They Happen

Although I acknowledge those more unexpected crises, my argument is that there are always steps we can take in bipolar relapse prevention.
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Eating Disorders in Bipolar

The Truth About Bipolar and Eating Disorders

The most common illnesses are beginning to be understood but there is still misconception about the less common including bipolar and eating disorders.
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Bipolar and Self-Harm

Understanding Why Some Turn to Harming Themselves

"Self-harming is not attention seeking nor a cry for help." Fliss looks at bipolar and self-harm, why people hurt themselves and how to help or get help.
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Bipolar and Stress

Exploring the Link Between Bipolar and Stress

"Handling a stressful situation alongside coping with bipolar disorder can make it a lot harder." Becky shares her tips for coping with bipolar and stress.
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Going Off Bipolar Medication

What to Expect When Weaning Off Bipolar Medication

"I started realizing that I wasn’t fun anymore. It wasn’t long after that I went off my meds." Heather shares her thoughts on going off bipolar medication.
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Bipolar and Sleep

Bipolar and Sleep

Bipolar and sleep might seem like they're mutually exclusive sometimes, but they don't have to be. Consider these tips for sleeping well.
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