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Fliss has always loved being creative and, combining this with a strong business sense, graduated university to start her marketing career. She quickly climbed to a senior account management role within a branding and design agency.

However, after an accumulation of prolonged stress she was diagnosed with bipolar and an eating disorder and was admitted to psychiatric hospitals on several occasions over seven years. She now dedicates her time to campaigning on mental health issues. She is on a ‘crusade’ to raise awareness, educate, increase acceptance and inspire.

Fliss is a writer for two online magazines, mental health charities and runs a popular blog. She guest speaks through MIND, MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) England and at universities to both business employees and students. Her insightful and heartrending book Madly Seeking Sanity (available on Amazon under the pen name Lola Jane) has received many five-star reviews. Many of her ‘moods and meds’ poetry has also been published, and she has featured in UK magazines to raise her profile through the media.

“This is the most important work I have ever done,” Fliss says. “I want to help bring mental health to light and make it real, understood and accepted because we all struggle in life and managing our mental health is a necessity and no different to physical illness.”

Fliss loves Netflix and Tarantino movies and counts fashion, music, bright colours and laughter as her favorite things.

Fliss's Articles

Maintaining Sobriety

Staying Sober Through a Manic Episode

When dealing with bipolar, picking up a drink is only going to make a situation much, much worse. Fliss shares her tips for maintaining sobriety.
1.2k found this helpful by Fliss Baker on December 13, 2016
Bipolar and Alcohol

Is Mixing Bipolar and Alcohol Worth the Risk?

It's estimated about 45 percent of people with bipolar also have an alcohol addiction. Learn the risks of bipolar and alcohol and why you should avoid it.
3.9k found this helpful by Fliss Baker on November 28, 2016
Bipolar Paranoia

What It’s Like Dealing With Bipolar Paranoia

"Being paranoid was extremely lonely and I felt totally isolated and detached from others." Fliss shares her experience with bipolar paranoia.
3.9k found this helpful by Fliss Baker on September 20, 2016
Natural Remedies for Bipolar

Easy, Natural Remedies for Bipolar Management

"I am on medication, but do a combination of many other things proven to lift mood and manage wellbeing." Fliss shares some natural remedies for bipolar.
84 found this helpful by Fliss Baker on August 2, 2016
Negative Self Talk

How to Quiet Negative Self Talk

"Remember we are all human, we all have our struggles and we can only do our best." Fliss shares her tips on quieting the negative self talk we experience.
253 found this helpful by Fliss Baker on May 3, 2016
Bipolar Hypomania

Bipolar Hypomania: Understanding This Dangerous State

Bipolar hypomania is a dangerous state to live in, indicating instability and potentially a transition towards mania or depression.
5.2k found this helpful by Fliss Baker on April 11, 2016
Bipolar Medication Side Effects

Dealing With Bipolar Medication Side Effects

"In the last two months I have had three of my medications altered and it has tested me to the hilt," writes Fliss on bipolar medication side effects.
799 found this helpful by Fliss Baker on March 15, 2016
Dealing With Bipolar Disorder and Noise Sensitivity

Dealing With Bipolar Disorder and Noise Sensitivity

Our bodies can become so sensitive that any type or level of noise can become impossible to cope with. Learn more about bipolar disorder and noise here.
2.4k found this helpful by Fliss Baker on February 16, 2016
Plan for the Future or Live in the Moment?

Plan for the Future or Live in the Moment?

Before diagnosis, many with bipolar always planned for the future. But when symptoms rage it's important to ditch the plans and live in the moment.
173 found this helpful by Fliss Baker on February 2, 2016
Bipolar and Money

Bipolar and Money: A Complicated Relationship

"My spending habits changed as my mental health deteriorated, but I had no idea how unwell I was." Fliss shares her experience with bipolar and money.
271 found this helpful by Fliss Baker on January 26, 2016
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