Bipolar and Stress: Identifying Stress Triggers and How to Cope

Sammi AdamsSammi Adams
Jul 14, 2017

It’s important to talk about how stress affects bipolar disorder. For some, stress can be the number one trigger for bipolar symptoms.

Sammi shares what common stressors to pay attention to and ways to cope with bipolar and stress.

Bipolar and Stress: Identifying Stress Triggers

Many people experience stress in different ways. Stress can come from major lifestyle changes, a recent breakup, and others can be from physical, mental or emotional factors.

What triggers stress?

  • Traumatic events
  • Dramatic changes in life
  • Feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem
  • Work and/or life balance
  • Death of a loved one
  • Relationship problems
  • Legal or financial issues
  • Physical, mental or emotional distress

Coping with Bipolar and Stress


One of the best things you can do for yourself is going to counseling.

When you are going through severe stress, counseling can make such a big difference. You will feel better about knowing that you can talk to someone about the things you’re feeling or experiencing, and they can provide you some feedback to help you get through it.


Journaling can be really beneficial. Getting your thoughts or stress down on the paper can help you unwind.

Meditation and Relaxation

Having a relaxation technique can be helpful.

Some people take bubble baths with scented candles, while others may prefer doing meditating, yoga, stretching or deep breathing.

Additionally, finding a calming space is even better. It’s important to find a space that you feel comfortable in. When you’re looking for this quiet, calm and safe space, you can find this space in your house, at a park or anywhere else that makes you feel relaxed.


Exercise is a great way to relieve stress to prevent both depression and mania. Whether that’s jogging, punching a punching bag, going for a long walk, stretching, lifting weights or any type of exercise is another great way to relieve stress.

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