Understanding Bipolar Disorder


The Ins and Outs of Bipolar Disorder

Usually, bipolar disorder’s depressive and manic episodes are worse depending upon the season. You can use this information to understand when you’re more likely to experience an episode and when to take preventative or cautionary measures. In the summer, you’re more likely to experience manic episodes. You’ll likely have a lot of energy and be easy to irritate. When you feel your anger is growing rapidly, take a deep breath and count to 10 before saying anything. This should help you to stay in control of the situation. During the winter time, make sure to remind others that you may experience depressive episodes, especially if you’ve experienced suicide idealization or have attempted suicide in the past.

Bipolar Disorder

NewLifeOutlook TeamNewLifeOutlook Team
Jan 7, 2014
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by Kiki Woodham on June 23, 2015
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