Alternative Medicine Therapies

Alternative Medicine Therapies

Alternative Therapies to Stay Away From When You Have Bipolar

When you have bipolar disease, there are certain considerations for you to pay heed to when you are selecting any types of alternative medicine therapies. Some alternative medicine therapies may help you while others won’t.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trust alternative health strategies at all. Each of them have specific purposes and work on different types of health challenges. You merely have to know which ones may fit your needs.

However, first you should know that the only types of techniques that have made a difference have been a combination of detoxification and nutrition therapies, and therapies that go about changing the electromagnetic fields of the body. So with this information, let’s examine the common sense behind understanding that the following techniques won’t work.

Alternative Medicine Therapies to Avoid

  • Colonic hydrotherapy – This is a technique whereby a trickle of water is placed inside the rectum/colon. It allows the large intestine to clean itself out. Although you will feel better from it (just about everyone does), it won’t help your bipolar disease.
  • Reflexology – This technique is where specific points on the body are pressed and held for a few minutes. The points are all connected to certain organs, including the brain. Don’t expect reflexology to help you with bipolar disease.
  • Rolfing (structural integration) – This is a bodywork method that releases old emotional connections that are affecting movement and how people think. It’s rough on the body. It’s not a type of alternative healing strategy that should be used by those with bipolar disease.
  • Feldenkrais Method – This is a method of posture re-education that won’t help anyone who is looking for a reversal of bipolar disorder. If someone with bipolar disorder has posture issues, then the method could help this part of their health issues.
  • Qigong – This method is a system of movements and breathing that won’t do anything to help your bipolar disorder.

You want alternative health strategies that are going to affect the brain and its electrical aspect. Select ones that work. It doesn’t mean that you are forsaking medical therapies. Always continue your medication until the point where you don’t need it anymore – then you need to work with your medical doctor to wean off the medication. It’s the only way to do it.


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