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Angela Finlay is a freelance writer and blogger committed to sharing matters that affect health and wellbeing. From fitness and motivation to medical ailments and psychological hurdles, she has covered a range of health and lifestyle topics through her web writing career.

Angela feels that a high quality of life should be a top priority for everyone, and tries her best to help people find more comfort, contentment and confidence with the resources around them.

From fitness and lifestyle to pregnancy and medical ailments, she has covered a range of health topics throughout her web writing career, contributing to major websites for over three years.

She believes that variety is not only the spice of life, but essential for happiness and longevity; as an avid runner, rock climber, artist, and vegetarian cook, her passion for health and vitality stretches into each corner of her life.

Angela's Work

Pet Therapy for Bipolar

The Benefits of Animal Companionship and Bipolar Disorder

Pet therapy for bipolar can help you overcome mood swings, beat the isolation of depression, and gives you an obligation to something other than yourself.
by Angela Finlay and Andrew Marc Feliciano on July 4, 2018
Bipolar Anxiety

Are Bipolar and Anxiety Connected?

Although bipolar and anxiety disorder are separate conditions, they have a lot in common. Learn here about the bipolar anxiety connection.
by Angela Finlay and Lana Barhum on December 13, 2017
Bipolar Disorder in Children

How Do You Handle Bipolar Disorder in Children?

While bipolar disorder in children is a challenging condition, it can be managed. Education and support will help you work towards a treatment plan.
by Angela Finlay and Krystina Ostermeyer on September 6, 2017
Avoid Pit Falls in Treatment

Avoid Pit Falls in Treatment

Avoiding bad bipolar habits by having a proactive and well-rounded approach to treatment for the disorder can return comfort and stability to your life.
by Angela Finlay on May 2, 2014