Is Mixing Bipolar and Alcohol Worth the Risk?

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Bipolar article: Is Mixing Bipolar and Alcohol Worth the Risk?Is Mixing Bipolar and Alcohol Worth the Risk?

It's estimated about 45 percent of people with bipolar also have an alcohol addiction. Learn the risks of bipolar and alcohol and why you should avoid it.

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  • This is a very honest, balanced & fair article. I have dealt with most of what the author describes, only not quite so severely as she. My diagnosis was 14 months ago, after first full mania went horribly dysphoric and I was suicidal. Alcohol certainly played a factor in my escalation from what I thought was simply an extremely good mood, and a relief from years of depression. Before certain events triggered the dysphoria I was drinking ridiculous amounts of alcohol, blacking out & experiencinging NO HANGOVERS. After a weekend drunk bender at the onset of dysphoric mania, I quit drinking for awhile, which helped. I do drink now, but am VASTLY more careful than before. For a few months I could feel that sensation of giddiness & expansiveness that signals an escalation. There were a handful of bumps along the way, but I've felt none of that in 7 months now. Back to my normal (bipolar) depression, but I've been dealing with THAT for decades. I just didn't know it was the bipolar type! Thank you ALL for your honesty!
  • I used to drink. Before being medicated, it was bad. While on medications, it was even worse. I lost a marriage and custody of my children. No, alcohol and bipolar DON'T mix and it isn't worth the risks.
  • This literally is my daughter! She won't get help, won't talk about anything unless it's on her terms. (She will shut down any conversation when she doesn't like what she hears... like the truth!) She can't stop at one or two drinks its go hard or go home. Her relationship with family esp. her sister are beyond repair, she's loyal to those who support the drinking and that drink with her. I don't know what to do anymore.
    She's self destructing and doesn't see it. She's blatantly disrespectful. She's even brought a number of people home and was carrying on sexualy in her room and I had to get up, walked in... couldn't believe my eyes and literally kicked people out of my house at 4:30 In the morning. When I try to talk with her about it her excuse is "I don't remember!" I call BULLSHIT! That excuse is OLD!
    I'M FRUSTRATED and I'm watching my lit family fall apart. She won't get help, doesn't want to admit she is bipolar or that she's an alcoholic.
  • @AZWolverine
    My daughter doesn't get hangovers... how can she when the alcohol is still in her system! Everyday no matter the reason chould be a good day could be a bad day...doesn't seen to matter anymore she finds a reason to drink!

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