Lesser-Known Symptoms of Bipolar

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Bipolar article: Lesser-Known Symptoms of BipolarLesser-Known Symptoms of Bipolar

Aside from defining traits of the disorder, there are many lesser-known symptoms of bipolar — some of which might seem to be completely unrelated.

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  • My brother in law was recently diagnosed and they were trying to get his meds under control. He plotted to kill my sister, their daughter, and himself. He was immediately sent back to the hospital. After 3 weeks, he said he was sorry, feeling better, meds were working, etc. They let him go home. My sister had been staying at her friend's house for comfort, and my niece went home to her husband. They let him go home on Monday, Tuesday, friends from their church went to check on him. They found him in the garage. He had killed himself the day after he was let out of the hospital. TRAGIC DISEASE. THEY CAN LIE AND PEOPLE BELIEVE THEM. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS DISEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!!
  • I also have bipolar disease-- hypomania as the author. I have been diagnosed three times but remained unconvinced regardless of the facts. I have been on meds and that has helped me get back to my original teenage self-- the logical thinking self-- but I have lived so long with this other self that emerged with depression in my late teens that I am that self. Over the years I have managed to be incredibly productive at times and then like the author left without an unfinished master's thesis, an unfinished dissertation, and articles. But now in my sixties life seems to slow down, episodes farther apart and I am capable of sustained contentment. I think my brain chemistry is changing: wishful thinking perhaps but I can sleep now at nights without meds, I weave to calm myself down in mornings, I walk, and I avoid stressful people and events. No one avoids the pain in life: but hypomania does allow bliss at times. This is why some people don't want to be medicated.
  • I'm not ready yet, but I feel like I've found a family here that will understand me and accept me.
  • Is being extremely lazy, unable to hold a job, Crelessness for others, selfishness, symptoms of being bipolar.
    I have a brother that after 35!years of drug and alchohil abuse has now been diagnosed with being bipolar. He has done so many vile things to his family, just the usual. - lied to, begged, verbally abused his parents, stole from all them. Will work really hard at not having to work. Hasn't kept a job EVER. Now after this diagnosis he now has a "reason" for his actions. I think People have all kinds of diseases and they still have the ability to choose their own path. Am I being insensitive? Any response would be great. Good or bad

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