Could You Be Experiencing Rapid Cycling Bipolar?

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    I have suspected for a while that I could be rapid cycling. While I don't have the extreme manic episodes, I do have the severe depressive swings.
    I was diagnosed as bipolar with migranes by my family doctor. This started in my teens. I am now seventy. I have had doctors give up, saying they couldn help. (Some didn't even try, saying that I would have to learn to "live with it". Of course narcotics were prescribed for the migranes which resulted in rebound effects. Same results with alcohol and marajuana.)
    Eventually one of my numerous doctors over the years prescribed Effexor which was of some help with the migranes, but not so much with the mood swings. I think the short half life made the melt downs worse. Symbiax was the next drug experiment...I almost got arrested for assault, more than once. I also had a rage problem. My doctor's answer was to put me back on Effexor. I disagreed. A different doctor put me on Lithium, which helped somewhat, but I was still a fit of rage going somewhere to happen. This doctor advised me to see a shrink, which I did. After a thirty minute interview by a social worker I was officially diagnosed as bipolar. When I didn't keep my appointments, he discontinued my Lithium in order to "encourage" me to go. Needless to say...that didn't work, and I'm of the opinion he can stick his Lithium where the sun don't shine.
    That being said, I used to work for a guy that had similar "meltdowns". His help came in the form of a hypoglycemia test.
    After researching this disorder I discovered that it can mimic 125 different diseases including bipolar, adhd, ptsd, ocd, migrane, and a multitude of other mental and physical disorders. I have been switching to a low carb high protein diet which seems to have helped more than anything else. I also take the usual suppliments.
    I still have my moments, but I am much more stable than I have been in a very long time, and I finally believe that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train.
    I hope this helps someone.

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