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  • VeraVera Member
    I wish my x would yave had the courage to get help. Even with yesrs if my support of makng appoinments and his walking out on them. My ohysically handing him his meds, and his angry burst and expensive shopping mania cycles. If he would have just helped himself, i would have been able to understand better. But I burnt out from the highs and lows and making excuses and missing family functions. Trying to always get ahead of the speeding train constantly trying to prevent somene or something from setting him off. Then my daughter started showing the same signs. Sure enough I was getting it two fold. I could save myself, and help her learn how to deal and what do. As for him as if yesterday he still says ge is fine and there us nithing wrong.
    Take care of you if your not the one with this disease, and help those with it to understand they are not alone, they are not animals or freaks and what they “have” is not “what” they are!

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