Psychiatrist suggested med changes. SCARED!!!

I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and anxiety for many years. I was first prescribed Zoloft. Then a couple years later I stopped Zoloft and was prescribed 400mgs of venlafaxine, 900mgs of lithium, abilify I can't remember how many Mg's of abilify I used to be on and 6mgs of lorazepam. Come to find that the psychiatrist that prescribed me the meds I just listed had retired so I was assigned a new one. He said I'm on enough lorazepam to knock out a cow and that he wants to lower the dose. I'm very nervous and scared about this. He also wants me to start seroquel. I read the NUMEROUS side effects of this medication. I mentioned to him that I have also been suffering from insomnia. In which he stated that seroquel will sedate me. I dont want to be sedated. So my question is has anyone been on seroquel? If so how did it work for you? I'm nervous about changing meds after all these years and what effect it will have on me and family and friends? But maybe that is what I need. My depression is worsening I just feel like there is no end to this. I just want to feel normal, whatever that is.

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