What It’s Like Dealing With Bipolar Paranoia

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Bipolar article: What It’s Like Dealing With Bipolar ParanoiaWhat It’s Like Dealing With Bipolar Paranoia

"Being paranoid was extremely lonely and I felt totally isolated and detached from others." Fliss shares her experience with bipolar paranoia.

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  • My poor ex always struggled a little with paranoia. After an increase in Paxil, we were vacationing in Montana and Wyoming. He was convinced Yellowstone was going to blow while we were there. Poor guy.
  • What medication caused this?
  • Basically any little crazy thought you've ever had real quick about any possible outcomes or events leading to current and/or future situations, that you laughed at the thought because it was so outrageous, those thoughts become reality. A deep reality of fabricated thoughts that you believe at the time, scary thoughts that make your heart race and don't let you sleep. These thoughts play over and over in your head like a movie you are forced to see. Everything is a conspiracy, anyone could be involved in the plot against you, your gonna fucking die! So hard to explain, and such a relief to come out of that extreme state of paranoia. I think it was a mix of the stress, my PTSD(also bipolar), lack of food and sleep, and the meds at the time. Also my mother was murdered at random when I was 14, while she was innocently playing in the park with me, my sister and her grandson. I may be an extreme case, an understandable one. I'm now med free and live with a normal mindstate. Maybe minor paraniod issues, like when u wonder if your liked, if you bother people, or scare people away, more of a little anxiety compared to the 3 paraniod episodes I've had in my 32 years of life. Hopefully that is behind me. Hopefully someone understands where I'm coming from, so hard to get the point across with this one.
  • PetraPetra Member
    I, have a 19 yr. old daughter who was diagnosed Bipolar 9 yrs. ago...And, let me tell you it has been a long struggle for her (and painful for me) She is anti-social and only talks when spoken to...I, am the only person she sits and conversates wiith. I, know her existence is lonely and frustrating to her..she graduated with honors....I, sometimes feel angry with god for my daughters condition and it is very sad for me to see her this way. she has no friends...
  • She has you.
  • This thing runs on it's own time clock. Study coping mechanisms, they help. She is still talking to you and that says alot. Make sure to tell her you love her no matter what. I know she knows. but tell her anyway. Then start trying different coping mechanisms. Remember it all takes time.

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