Seven Warning Signs of an Upcoming Bipolar Depression Episode

Seven Warning Signs of an Upcoming Bipolar Depression Episode

Bipolar Depression Warning Signs to Be Aware Of

Many of the warning signs of bipolar depression which are subtle and hard to recognize. Therefore, it becomes critical that you remain aware of how you feel on a regular basis.

It seems easy, but it is more difficult than one can imagine. We all experience a wide range of positive and negative emotions. For those of us that suffer any form of bipolar depression, it is imperative that we stay in tune with our thoughts and feelings periodically.

Unfortunately, for those of us who are unknowingly descending into our first major clinical depression, we are unaware of the heartache and anguish that lies ahead. We are helpless to prevent the impending doom and one of life’s unpleasant and debilitating experiences.

After four major clinical depressive episodes and hospitalizations, I can still be caught unaware of any mental or physical decline.  Each of the uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings, I blame on any stressful situations that I am experiencing at the time.  I am in denial.

We tell ourselves that it is normal to feel sad and depressed when we are experiencing any loss or painful situation. Your friends may say to you that these feelings will pass. They try to assure you that everyone would feel the same way as you do if they were experiencing the same events. They tell you that these feeling will pass.

That is true for most people that are dealing with loss and heartache in these situations. Not true for those of you who suffer from any form of depressive illness. Most people don’t understand or realize that. To be totally honest, neither do you.  It is not easy for even you to understand what is happening to us or why.

Seven Bipolar Depression Warning Signs

If you think you’re about to experience a bipolar depression episode, here are seven bipolar depression warning signs you need to be aware of to help you get the treatment you need as soon as possible.

Feeling Disconnected

One of the warning signs of a bipolar depression episode is a feeling of disconnection from the world and people around you.

It really won’t matter where you are or how many people are around you. You begin to feel a strange emptiness inside. You start to feel alone and almost numb to what is going on around you. It is a frightening experience, it does not go away, and it stays with you.

You start to feel strange, as if something is just not right, but it is hard to put it into words. You feel uncomfortable. All you know is that don’t feel like yourself.  It really won’t matter how many people are around you. You feel alone and numb inside.  Above anything else, you feel frightened and terrified.

You hope the feeling will go away. If you are at the beginning of your decline into bipolar depression, it will not go away. It will only intensify.

Becoming Isolated

You may begin to isolate from your family and friends. You suddenly do not want to talk on the phone. Sometimes you answer, but many times you don’t. Somehow, you do not want to engage in conversation with anyone. Attending social activities starts to feel awkward and uncomfortable. You don’t want to participate in most conversations, and you are genuinely disinterested in listening to anyone else either.

You may not understand why you feel this way. You feel strange and uncomfortable and will wonder what is wrong with you.  Staying home seems to feel better. You don’t have to pretend to be happy and social.

Feeling Sad and Tearful

Becoming teary-eyed and sad is easy. You become overly emotional about little things.

The sadness deepens as the days go by and it can seem to be never-ending. There is little that you can do to make it go away or change your point of view. The sadness permeates your soul. 


You may start to misplace things that are important. You forget appointments or forget to cancel or reschedule them. Missing due dates on bills is a frequent problem.

Making a shopping list becomes a huge task. Simple things like going to the bank, or getting gas start to seem monumental. We are filled with anxiety. Getting through the day doesn’t seem to be as easy and free-flowing as it used to be. There is no motivation to clean the house or simply do laundry.

Difficulties With Sleep

We can start to feel more tired than usual. Going to bed earlier and getting up later becomes our norm. We just want to sleep. It is the only way that we will find any relief from the uncomfortable and frightening feelings.

Changes In Appetite or Weight

In the very early stages of major depression, you may lack the desire for foods that you normally love. You have no desire to spend hours cooking a meal for your family.  You either order take out or prepare simple meals that are easy and quick and not always healthy. Having to go food shopping and cook for your family becomes monumental.

Overwhelming feelings of Guilt

You may start to blame yourself for everything bad that ever happened to you. It is all your fault. You may believe in your heart that you are merely insufficient and unintelligent. You start to feel utterly worthless.

Keep Track of Your Feelings

The unfortunate thing is that most times, bipolar depression warning signs can or may go unnoticed. That is why it is so important to keep a list of bipolar depression warning signs and review them every month.

It is also extremely important to stay diligent when we have any type of stress or drastic change going on in our lives. Staying on top of things can warn us that we may need to check in with our doctor or therapist.

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