Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder


Categorizing the Symptoms of Bipolar

Understanding the symptoms of bipolar in relation to whether they’re manic or depressive will help you and others to understand whether you’re in your high mood or your low mood. During your manic mood, you’ll feel a lot of energy and will likely be a bit reckless, distracted, and disorganized. This can really affect treatment if you’re missing when to take medications or when to go to therapy. Before you hit your manic mood, make sure to have all important appointments in a calendar that will alert you well in advance and close to the time when you need to go. Similarly, have a system to organize your medications by day. You can even get morning/evening organization boxes if needed. When in a depressive mood, it may feel like you don’t even want to bother trying to get better. Your support system can help you to remind you how important you are and be able to get your medications and take you to your therapy sessions.

Symptom Domains of Bipolar Disorder

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Jan 7, 2014
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Understanding Bipolar

Bipolar disorder raises many questions. Where did this come from? How long will it last? What medications are right for me?
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