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Guilt and Bipolar: Combatting Guilty Feelings About Your Bipolar Disorder

Blame, Guilt and Bipolar

We’ve all felt it at some point. Everyone ever diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the history of the world has no doubt felt the same thing — gnawing, all-consuming guilt over their actions as a person living with a mental illness. For me, it’s everywhere, every day. I am impulsive and spend too much money. Guilt. If I were able to have a normal job, the extra money I spend wouldn’t matter as much. More guilt....

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Bipolar and Anger

Don’t Be Like Joe: Learning to Control Your Anger When You Have Bipolar

When you have bipolar disorder you often discover your anger when it is too late, once the consequences have caught up with you.
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Maintaining Sobriety

Staying Sober Through a Manic Episode

When dealing with bipolar, picking up a drink is only going to make a situation much, much worse. Fliss shares her tips for maintaining sobriety.
56 found this helpful by Fliss Baker on December 13, 2016
Living With Someone With Bipolar

Living With a Partner, Friend, or Loved One With Bipolar

Whether you're newly married, living with your partner or just moved in with a friend, living with someone with bipolar presents a challenge.
36 found this helpful by Sharon Davis on October 18, 2016
Bipolar Manic Episode

Getting Through a Bipolar Manic Episode

A bipolar manic episode can have a devastating impact. Learn how to prevent, reduce and cope with mania to better manage your condition.
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Living With Bipolar Disorder

What It’s Like Navigating Life With Bipolar Disorder

"It is not easy living with bipolar disorder, but the support of loved ones makes the journey more bearable," Charlie says on navigating life with bipolar.
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Bipolar Stigma

Breaking Through Bipolar Stigma With the Words We Use

The language people use to describe mental illness is a manifestation of bipolar stigma. Through mean words we are put into a box labeled as damaged goods.
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Negative Self Talk

How to Quiet Negative Self Talk

"Remember we are all human, we all have our struggles and we can only do our best." Fliss shares her tips on quieting the negative self talk we experience.
121 found this helpful by Fliss Baker on May 3, 2016
Parents With Bipolar Disorder

The Challenges of Being Parents With Bipolar Disorder

There will be times your symptoms make parenting difficult; but, your child still needs parenting. Here are our tips for parents with bipolar disorder.
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Bipolar and Loneliness

Bipolar and Loneliness: How to Avoid Isolation

After a hard week we may want to isolate, but many times our recovery hinges on socialization. Learn more about bipolar and loneliness and how to fight it.
228 found this helpful by Sharon Davis on April 4, 2016
Infographic bipolar spoon theory infographic

Bipolar Disorder and the Spoon Theory

If you live with chronic illness, explaining your condition can be tough. The spoon theory was created to do just that, and has since become so much more.
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