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Ups and Downs: Understanding That Bipolar Is Far More Than Just Mood Swings

Bipolar Isn’t Just Ups and Downs

“We’re all a bit ‘up and down.’” Everybody’s moods go through ups and downs, and there are many factors linked to this. Our genetic makeup, diet, exercise routine, sleep pattern, stress, trauma – in fact, there are so many that it’s easier to simply say ‘life.’ We can all feel upset, angry, happy, elated and low, and typing any of those words into a thesaurus, you’ll find even more. But we’re talking about everyday emotions here....

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Bipolar Paranoia

What It’s Like Dealing With Bipolar Paranoia

"Being paranoid was extremely lonely and I felt totally isolated and detached from others." Fliss shares her experience with bipolar paranoia.
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Infographic bipolar and anxiety infographic

Easing Anxiety to Ease Bipolar

Many chronic illness sufferers experience anxiety. It could be a pre-existing condition, but in many cases it is due to their pain and stress.
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Bipolar Hypomania

Bipolar Hypomania: Understanding This Dangerous State

Bipolar hypomania is a dangerous state to live in, indicating instability and potentially a transition towards mania or depression.
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Dealing With Bipolar Disorder and Noise Sensitivity

Dealing With Bipolar Disorder and Noise Sensitivity

Our bodies can become so sensitive that any type or level of noise can become impossible to cope with. Learn more about bipolar disorder and noise here.
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Lesser-Known Symptoms of Bipolar

The Bipolar Symptoms You Might Not Realize Are Symptoms

Aside from defining traits of the disorder, there are many lesser-known symptoms of bipolar — some of which might seem to be completely unrelated.
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Bipolar and Substance Abuse

Managing Bipolar While Battling an Addiction

The risk of comorbidity between bipolar disorder and substance abuse is high. Studies have provided a greater understanding of how the two link together.
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Psychosis in Bipolar Disorder

Understanding Bipolar Psychosis for Better Treatment and Management

Psychosis can occur during either a depressive episode or a manic episode, however it is unlikely that it will be experienced during a neutral mood.
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Weight Gain

The Link Between Bipolar and Weight Gain

Aside from hair loss, or maybe those rare fatal rashes, I can deal with just about any side effect from my medication as long as it’s NOT weight gain.
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Warning Signs of Depression

Warning Signs of Depression in Bipolar Disorder

There are many warning signs of depression in bipolar, some of which include (but are not limited to) the following symptoms.
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Mania Warning Signs

Recognizing the Early Warning Signs of a Manic Episode

It's important to recognize a manic episode in the early stages in order to limit its negative impact. Keep these early mania warning signs in mind.
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